German Hostage Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf Militants in Philippines

German Hostage Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf Militants in Philippines

The image above represents the way of this world under the yoke of human rule that is worthless for the good of humanity; therefore none, no, not one knows how or when their time will end — and for many in gruesome ways with the unseen blade of death in wait; and reason is because humans cannot rule humans with our world situations being all the proof anyone needs for seeing the evil over us all, and en route for taking millions of lives worldwide.

(CNN)A German man has been beheaded by Abu Sayyaf militants in the southern Philippines after a deadline to pay his ransom passed.

Philippine and German officials confirmed that 70-year-old Jurgen Kantner had been killed after being held for three months by the Islamist militant group.
It was the second time Kantner, 70, had been abducted. He was held along with his partner, Sabine Merz, by Somali pirates for nearly two months in 2008.


Abu Sayyaf posted a gruesome video of its militants killing the man with a curved knife. The video was distributed by the SITE Intelligence Group.
“The Federal Chancellor condemns the abominable act, which once again shows how unscrupulous and inhumane these terrorists are. We all must stand together and fight against them,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said.
Philippines President Duterte apologized to Germany on Tuesday for his troops “failure” to prevent the killing.
“I am very sorry that the hostage, a national of your country, has been beheaded. There’s a massive operation going on. We really tried our best. We have failed. That has to be admitted,” he said.
Philippine Secretary Jesus Dureza, the Presidential Peace Adviser, said the government strongly condemned “the barbaric beheading of yet another kidnap victim.”
“Up to the last moment, many sectors, including the Armed Forces of the Philippines, exhausted all efforts to save his life. We all tried our best. But to no avail,” he said in a text message to CNN.
The group had demanded 30 million Philippine pesos ($600,000) in exchange for Kantner’s release, setting a deadline of February 26.

A screenshot of a video released by the SITE Intelligence Group last year showing Kantner in Abu Sayyaf's captivity.

Abu Sayyaf announced in November last year that they had kidnapped Kantner and his partner in the waters off Malaysia’s Sabah state, according to Philippine officials.
Merz was shot and killed by the militants soon after.
In September, Abu Sayyaf freed a Norwegian man it had held captive for almost a year, according to CNN Philippines.

War against Abu Sayyaf

The beheading emerges as the Philippine government wages a war against Abu Sayyaf, based in the restive Muslim-majority province of Mindanao in the country’s far south.
Abu Sayyaf is a violent extremist group of some 200 to 400 members that is largely fragmented.
The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, but the south has historically had a large Muslim population. Abu Sayyaf’s stated aim is to establish an independent Islamic state on the southern island of Mindanao.
The group first became active in the early 1990s and was responsible for bombings across the southern Philippines and in the Malaysian state of Sabah.
The seas around the Philippines are the most pirated in the world, according to data producer IHS Markit.

As the man that shares this sad truth, I have lived in the Philippines since December 2006, am American, and in 2015 transfered from Dumaguete to southern Mindanao in Cotabato not real far from Zamboanga where this man was brutally killed. In the area I live there are mountains all around where it can be very unsafe to go; however, because I am 61, and have no funds just as this man from Germany — if they ever did capture me, only suffering till death would occur — yet there have been other times in my life when I should have been no more — so through faith I am where I am with a purpose; yet my heart reaches out for the hundreds of millions being displaced while existing in great difficulties worldwide because of pathetic human rule and all corrupted religions filled with mislead. So when it comes down to hardships, hunger, illness, and many difficulties,  I can well relate through just putting myself in the shoes of others because of seeing so clearly what is coming upon us all.

Any help at all for my wife and I living of faith for a decade would be greatly appreciated;

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