My wife and I have become very dedicated and involved finding fossilized pearl clamshells large and small from what once was the ocean floor thousands or perhaps millions of years ago.

The fact is if you were to watch this short video – – you will gain great interest in the following seven episodes on all the many changes of this earth throughout millions of years and what lies ahead for all civilization.

Please take note through these photos that we have become very particular in collecting only pure pearl shells through much time and effort accompanied with using bleach to reveal and soften any limestone for removal. We also use the light test to prove just how genuine all we have collected truly are. Approximately 600lbs or KG.

These photos below show few places out of many where Pearl can be found in the Philippines. What we now have come from an area approximately 150-200 ft above sea level, and also appears as if walking the ocean floor thousands or millions of years ago.

100_5669 100_5901


Some when viewed such as the large half shell above with its partner actually resemble the look of petrified wood — which is why I never cleaned the outside because it would be a nice home decoration or even a museum piece perhaps millions of years in age. Who knows?

Our hope is for a buyer to come, view, test, and buy all that we have for about half market value–plus all that we can continually find to keep anyone supplied.


Because we have no transportation needed to find many more, and because the home that we rent for $74 per month could be bought and upgraded for safety purposes such as a higher hollow block fence topped with barbwire — $25,000 would be a great start for our life when compared to the past 10 years of many difficulties we have lived.

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