First and most important is for all to know that I am only human; therefore make mistakes, do not edify myself, nor claim to be a prophet because only our creator knows who we all truly are. But what I do claim is living a decade of self-sacrifice, loving my wife that has gone through many years of physical suffering with me having no way to even keep her with basic needs like proper fruits, veggies, heart friendly ensure, vitamins, and many other necessities she has always gone without.

Now a little about who I am;

When a person has gone through five decades of life in America turning out to be as only education on our human worldly ways; and then just buys a one-way ticket to the Philippines over ten years ago for totally leaving his entire past behind as dust in the wind without even communication: there is a spiritual reason that cannot be explained to natural minds of this world; and that is because all unknown spiritual truth seems as only foolishness.

1-corinthians-2-0031 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV)

What is the meaning of these following words?

“If the world hates you [and it does], know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you belonged to the world, the world would love [you as] its own and would treat you with affection. But you are not of the world [you no longer belong to it], but I have chosen you out of the world. And because of this the world hates you. Remember [and continue to remember] that I told you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. But they will do all these [hurtful] things to you for My name’s sake [because you bear My name and are identified with Me], for they do not know the One who sent Me. (John 15:18-21) (AMP)

The link below reveals how Christians hating others through judging them, or just their selfish way while ignoring others in need, also hate Yehovah and Yeshua.


My existence through the past decade of having only 4 months of good paying work back in 2012 has allowed much hardship and many other difficulties from all direction with the worst through years past being many health issues upon my wife that Yehovah or Yahweh has reduced or eliminated through much prayer with faith; and when being hated or despised by this world of Christianity not following their Head or even knowing their identity becomes the topic of conversation – no help ever comes other than now and then with much time in between – even though hundreds of thousands have viewed my many writings that speak of life on this earth for all civilization which includes many containing photos’s on the uncountable people worldwide living in such harsh and gruesome ways — that it brings only sadness because they really have no choice in their way of existence that includes their own children and loved elderly; therefore what my wife and I do have as near nothing is still taken as great blessing when compared to refugees, victims of human trafficking, all the genocide and death in the middle east, ISIS, torture, rape, child use and abuse along with all the horrible atrocities worldwide upon our misled, wrongly ruled, and dying civilization with the New World Order en route to exterminate hundreds of millions more viewed as cancer to this earth. So speak the Georgia Guidestones and the Bible.


Therefore, learning how to live on faith, which requires much endurance, has been our preparation according to YHVH’s will for what lies ahead being the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this earth while becoming totally disassociated with the ways of this world through always acknowledging Yehovah to direct and make straight our path in this life as written in Proverbs 3:5-6 which includes having all thoughts set on things above, rather than anything earthly or material items as instructed in Colossians 3.

The links below reveal little of my genuine effort towards becoming spiritually educated, and also some information on the way of life for my wife and I in the Philippines since 2007.







Because all that I really have in this world is one best friend being my wife, accompanied with the strong faith we share that our Creator will help us to gain some kind of better existence just one small step above living as have-not ever since we met while still being in wait just to have a stove with oven and something to use it for, and what that means is just any small help being only twenty dollars would come as a needed gift.

Just gaining one genuine brother or sister through our messiah Yeshua HaMashiach on a regular basis would truly come as a blessing; and that is because even with over 25 years of private study, a 474 page published book in 2012, 16 free websites, 1000 + lengthy posts; my wife and I still have not one Christian Israelite willing to walk their commanded walk with love and deed for others in need as made perfectly clear in James 1:22-25, 2:8,13-26, 1 John 3:11-24, 4:7-8, 19-20, Luke 6:43-46, John 15:1-6, Matthew 22:36-40, 25:31-46, and so much more on the subject of love with deed being truth in scripture which is avoided, shunned, past by, and ignored by this world of believers in word only – rather than actually doing as “THE WORD” instructs.

Therefore what has been written in John 15:18-21 for those called out of this world is very true just as the words on world deception in Revelation 12:9 that over two billion Christians don’t believe, and it’s because they are of this world as described in Psalms 14:2-3, Job 15:15-16, Romans 3, and much more scripture never properly taught the meaning of by shepherds worldwide leading their congregation into bloodshed. Want 200 pages of unsmooth truth directly from scripture shepherds have never taught because it’s all scripture against them?


Know also, that even though I left the USA in 2006 via spiritual lead with no intent to ever return because of the now almost fully in place New World Order that will only bring massive suffering upon over 324 million in a police state – along with its destruction made very clear for any seeking truth in the Bible; however, if Yehovah has use for us in teaching others how to live and survive on faith rather than preppers or misled believers lacking spiritual understanding and more, we would go into the nation that I have chosen to be no part of as the worst place to be just as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego chose the fiery furnace over denying our creator by choosing human rule as written in Daniel 3

May our Father Yehovah direct your path in His righteousness because our own minds know only what seems right with the end being destruction. Proverbs 14:12, 16:25, and Jeremiah 10:23

My two most used sites out of 16 are;




jeffcallarman@ymail.com – timesoftroubles@gmail.com

Any kind of misc whatever sent to us here in the Philippines would be of great use and a blessing, and anything means anything from a to z as in a nut, bolt, tool, can of peas, or whatever.

Jeff and Mylene Callarman

c/o Charlie Alcaide

Deytayson Compound

City Heights, General Santos City

Postal Code 9500


Because I have no bank account other than Passbook for my social security, and money transfer such as western union would be a great help with much appreciation.

Some of My Greatest Concern is this world having millions of young sex slaves male and female: https://dochub.com/timesoftrouble/VL6qe8/55_little_known_facts_about_human_trafficking


https://ttimesoftrouble.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/539/  My Efforts for Spiritual Knowledge

https://ttimesoftrouble.wordpress.com/  Contains writings on faith, truth, obedience, end times, human suffering, slavery, and more.

https://dochub.com/timesoftrouble offers a good choice being many [over 290] individual reads on various subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in and includes worldwide misled Christianity according to the Bible which has left billions not spiritually prepared for what is soon to become the worst timesoftrouble ever on this planet.

http://vigilantcitizen.com/ – How Powerful This World of Darkness Truly Is

http://www.newworldordernews.com/ – Accurate news on twisted people in every position so true people cannot believe.

http://www.blacklistednews.com/ – Continual reports which reveal just how deranged our human race has become.


Please contact me at

timesoftroubles@gmail.com or jeffcallarman@ymail.com


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