The time has arrived for not only the 327+ million in America– but for all scattered on this earth to see reality rather than living their own life within the tunnels of darkness filled with that grey cloudiness of delusion.

For those in America, this video below shares what a good-hearted man and health ranger with much research on bad medicine, foods, water, and many items people use or consume has to say. In the video, he truly chose to believe what he speaks regarding Trump and government corruption– but is not Trump just another? Or do you feel that he is good, right and true?

Whatever you may think, take all spoken words seriously, but not necessarily in the way he thinks, as truth is perhaps the opposite of who gets arrested in the big round-up of those in corrupt government as traitors against the citizens of America. So just who is the opposite? Millions not politically correct and against the New World Order. Millions who believe in freedom with their right to own guns. Millions that believe in our human rights as a once great nation now sinking in the swamps of political lies, loss of freedom, and no privacy through being watched and spied on via NSA.

Because I am no judge, no expert, and never a man for argument; and because these past 11 years of my life have been mostly seeing our world the way it truly is through computer research while really having no other purpose as a man without even a printer in a 3rd world country. Just maybe there has to be a meaning, and that is because I go nowhere, don’t watch delusional TV, put zero trust in media, completely lost faith in all manmade religions, and have no activities— But rather just time. Time to learn, time to see, time to research, time to meditate, and time to write about our world ruled by the New World Order that was mentioned by Herbert Bush back in 1991, and can be read in this link as evidence.

In the video by Mike Adams, who I do have much respect for, and there are thousands of others with similarities because all have their own beliefs in many different ways. There is also much that I could say regarding my own precise opinion or belief concerning what is about to happen in America and worldwide as time progresses, but if you just view the video, and my own comments via my name Jeff Callarman, what I speak is just the surface of coming calamities.

Now, once again, because my life is nothing but time since the end of 2006, I have created 16 free websites, perhaps a thousand lengthy blogs and even wrote a 474-page book titled “Message For This Entire Human Race” back in 2012.


And it’s not as if I have never read the Bible; however, the images below should shake everybody’s faith in right religion being wrong– Unless our God of love enjoys the death and torture spread all over this planet earth.


Welcome to human rule.

My whole point is based on all that I have been striving to learn concerning true corruption with misleading information on every subject from A-Z, and when the B letter comes up for discussion, I say again it’s not as if I have never read the Bible– but rather it has taken me 30 years to realize just how misled even through religion our entire human race has become.

Why is that? How can that be?

The evidence is missing which has been replaced by hearsay, and word of mouth tradition which has passed through generations and thousands of years.

This particular verse is just one example out of thousands. . .

“But it happened that as one was cutting down a beam, the axe head fell into the water; and he cried out and said, “Oh no, my master! It was borrowed!” The man of God said, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut off a stick and threw it in there, and made the iron [axe head] float.” 2 Kings 6:5-6

My question is this– Did you see it as written? Were you there? and the same holds true on all subjects concerning if there is, or is not solid evidence. Today, concerning the New World Order, Georgia Guidestones, False Christianity, and the uncountable misleading religions and beliefs worldwide: Where is the supporting evidence based on fact?

This site reveals sinister sites we all ought to take a great interest in understanding.

This link reveals much about the origins of Christianity

What can be gained from this link below is just how brainwashed our human race has become along with much vital information for any mind wanting evidence which makes truth the truth, rather than a lying word.

Now when it comes right down to in-depth religious studies, there is no end to different views, lies, and just an outright war zone; and just this subject alone would require a million book library for its beginning. The fact is who or what can we really trust? Just for another example, read these 45 pages for yourself.

How much thought have you ever given towards scriptures that seem to fit perfectly with signs of the times? Now, even with shaken faith, disappointment, hardship, and really no friends or direction–all my years of reading, writing, and websites have been based on the Bible with my circumstance in life for the evidence.

What is my circumstance spiritually speaking? Being not of this world with my mind set on things above, or our Creator. This writing explains what you just read in some ways.

What I do see in The Word or Bible, are signs of the times as written. Signs of how knowledge has increased, deception, loveless hypocrites, division, rulers in high places, and knowing this earth, the human race, and all living creatures did not self-create; therefore I do have a faith that will never die.

David Icke also speaks through much evidence.

What about Aliens in Area 51 Nevada? Also evidence about the Moon, Saturn, and endless discussion?

Another vital, as out of this world read would be the seven parts of Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here — just scroll down in this site and many reads including Lucifer will be found.

Bruce, as editor of New World Order News also gives very good insight on how our United States government and the media are liars along with much more factual happenings based on evidence.

My name is Jeff.  Let’s talk, discuss, provide what evidence we can, which can be near impossible for most on earth that cannot travel for the witness of written discoveries– but we can have open minds rather than controlled as this screen generation with obedience to whatever their cell phone, computer screen, or television along with video games or music psychologically direct.